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Welcome to the website dedicated to all the Horchner families in the world. Please feel free to contribute any information which will assist in completing our Family Tree puzzle.

Please contact John Horchner for further details.

Objectives: - Why build a Horchner web page?

  • Primarily to make available to our children and grandchildren the rich heritage of the history of each of our families.

  • To share worldwide the ancestry of various Horchner families of every country.

  • To record and research relevant and interesting facts and genealogical information made available by all contributors to this web page.

  • To try to interconnect and bring together from various countries those Horchner families willing to contribute their genealogies.

These objectives will change and evolve with time, so hopefully the leading characteristics initially built into this website will be flexibility, encouragement, understanding, sympathy, tolerance and trust.
This website may be only one small step to increase our knowledge and history of the global Horchner family in such diverse countries as Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, Holland, and the United States of America. One measure of success of this web site will be the recognition of the importance of our immediate past as well as our much more ancient family history. Another measure will be the sharing and improvement in the feeling of global belonging and unity, friendship, and togetherness, all as part of one family.

Intended Audience:-

  • All Horchner family members who participate in the family tree research project.

  • Anyone interested in genealogy generally and in the Horchner family names specifically.

Variations of name spellings:-

Three spelling variations should be noted with reference to the anglicising of the 'o umlaut' or the 'ö'.

  • Hörchner

  • Horchner

  • Hoerchner

Six more variations refer to the assumed historical omission or inclusion of the 'r', and the 'n'.

  • Höchner, Hochner, Hoechner

  • Hörcher, Horcher, Hoercher.

Nine more variations occur when the second 'h' is/was replaced with a 'k'.

  • Hörckner, Horckner, Hoerckner

  • Höckner, Hockner, Hoeckner

  • Hörcker, Horcker, Hoercker.

Not all of these 18 variations necessarily occur in reality, or have as yet been found. It is also not known which variation occurred before the others, or which evolved from which, or whether these variations sprang up spontaneously. One can surmise that spelling variations will inevitably lead to a vigorous debate on the meaning and origin of the name. I am sure and I hope that this will be discussed in the future by professional as well as amateur etymologists and philologists alike. Note: - the word 'Horchner' used throughout this introduction should be construed to mean any of these possible and existing spelling variations.

Languages of this webpage:-

Initially in English, this web site now also appears in Dutch and German.

The Australian Horchner Families:-

The Dutch Horchner Families:-

  • This chapter is by Brünhilde Hörchner (1901-1988), Amsterdam, and Wilhelmus Johannes Hörchner (1907-1983), Graceville, Queensland.

The German Horchner Families:-

The USA Horchner Families:-

The UK Horchner Families:-

Your contributions, views, and comments are important and valuable. If you wish to contribute in any way whatsoever to the family tree material, please leave your name, email address, and any other pertinent contact details, as well as your message on Facebook.

Privacy Note:-
This website will publish whatever relevant family tree information that people feel comfortable to share on a global basis. However it is suggested that details of living relatives be somewhat limited. How limited is probably up to each individual. Whether or not any photographs are published will need to be discussed further. Remember, information once published can escape by being copied to other websites, databases, private family trees, and so on.

The Global Horchner Family Tree
"abbreviated version"

I have recorded information sent to me by members of the Horchner families from Germany, Holland, USA, Australia, UK & Canada. The aim of this project is to assemble the family tree data into an easily readable “plain English”, (and in the future, a “plain German”, and a “plain Dutch”) form. The accessibility and readability are important for those of us with no computers, or access to genealogical software, such as Family Tree Maker FTM which can easily translate special computer files with family tree data.
Another objective is to try to trace the roots of each Horchner family branch back to Germany to try to discover the common origin of the Horchner/Hörchner/Hoerchner family name. This may with time perhaps be a forlorn hope.

Contact has been established using personal, postal, & email communications. The Internet searches & subsequent email requests have been & will be my main tools to find new family members worldwide. Obviously, for more reliable & better genealogically based results, we will have to concentrate on hard copy evidence of births, marriages & deaths, records which have to be obtained from families, church archives, and government registry publications. In the short term however, the gathering of data has relied solely on personal and friendly one on one contact.

Conbining together two or more Horchner branches with a common ancestor will continue to be the driving force of this project. At the same time, existing data will continue to be expanded as more family information becomes available from all the contributors to this project.

by John Horchner,
Beachmere, Queensland, Australia,
January, 2013.

Summary of Attachments:-
Names of the Global Horchner Family Trees.

AU1 – The Jacob Reinhold (*1839) Hörchner Australian Family Tree.
AU2 – The Wihelmus Johannes (*1907) Horchner Australian Family Tree.
AU3 - The Joachim Andreas (*1889) Hörchner Australian Family Tree.

DE1 – Franz Johann (*1932) Hörchner German Family Tree
DE2 – The Christian (*1830?) Hörchner (Hohenkirchen near Ohrdruf) German Family Tree
DE3 – The Volker Max Werner (*1957) Hörchner (Thuringer Wald) German Family Tree
DE4 – now included under DE8.
DE5 – The Franz (*1825?) und Hugo(*1883) Hörchner (Tambach-Dietharz) German Family Tree
DE6 – The Jacob Reinhold (*1839) Hörchner (Kleinschmalkalden) German Family Tree
DE7 – The Johann Valentin (*1742) Hörchner (Georgenthal/Luisenthal) German Family Tree
DE8 – The Johann Jacob (*1743?) Hörchner (Niedersachsen/Hahnstaetten) German Family Tree.
DE9 - The Karl (*1873) Hörchner (Tambach-Dietharz) German Family Tree.
DE10 – The Hubert (*) Hörchner (Tambach-Dietharz) German Family Tree.
DE11 – The Sabine (*)/Uwe (*) Hörchner (Dresden/USA) German Family Tree.
DE12 – The Traugott (*1830?) Hörchner (Ohrdruf) German Family Tree.

United States/Verenigde Staten/Vereinigten Staaten:-
US1 – The Christian (*1830?) Hörchner USA Family Tree
US2 – The Alexander (*1850?) Hörchner USA Family Tree
US3 – The Alfred Eric (*1919) Hörchner USA Family Tree
US4 – The Heckner/Anklam USA Family Tree

NL1 – The Johann Andreas (*1768) Hörchner (Hahnstaetten) Dutch Family Tree
NL2 – The Johannes Jacob (*1803) Hörchner Dutch branch no.1
NL3 – The Wandert Willem Frederik (*1809) Hörchner Dutch branch no.3
NL4 – The Johann Andreas Hörchner (*1811) Dutch branch no.4
NL5 – The Johannes Petrus Hörchner (*1813) Dutch branch no.5
NL6 – The Adolf (*1821) Hörchner Dutch branch no.9
NL7 – The Jacob (*1823) Hörchner Dutch no.10 branch

United Kingdom/Verenigd Koninkrijk/Vereinigte Königreich:-
UK1 – The Martin (*1952) Hoerchner UK Family Tree – see US3

CA1 – The Redecker/Horchner Canadian Family Tree – not yet shown.

Note:- * means/betekent/Bedeutung “date of birth /geboortedatum /Geburtsdatum”

The Global Horchner Family Tree
"full version"
by John Horchner,

This document combines various Horchner/Hoerchner/Hörchner (Ho) family trees from Germany, Holland, America(USA), England, and Australia. The family trees are mostly parallel, and unconnected at this stage. The overall purpose of this project is to attempt to place members of the extended Ho family in a single global family tree with one ancestral origin presumably somewhere in Germany. The word “global” expresses a hope for the future, an objective to be aimed for with as many Horchner family histories and genealogies gathered together as possible under this one banner.

The preliminary paragraphs are specifically written in preparation for the April/July 2004 visit of various Horchner families in Germany, Holland, UK & USA by John & Marjorie Horchner.
Purpose of the research.
Principles of research.
Internet Horchner Web sites.
Conclusion of this part.
These paragraphs are also in the emails sent to various participating members of the Global Horchner research project, and repeated here in this document for completeness. Then follow the various Horchner family trees.
Most of the material recorded here is very much in a summary form – as a Word document rather than as a genealogical software presentation. This allows those of us with limited access to computerised genealogical software a simple and quick overview of the currently recorded and volunteered Horchner/Hoerchner/Hörchner family trees.This has been prepared by Jannes/Jan/John Horchner/Hörchner, formerly of 384 Maarsbergenstraat, Den Haag, Holland (1939-1950), then of Brisbane, Queensland, A’lia (1950-1994), now of Beachmere, A’lia. The information has been gathered since 1960 by my father (Wilhelmus Johannes) and his sister (Hilda), and other family member through inheritance of personal family records & correspondence, conversations,and more lately by email messages, Internet searches based on requests for data on Ho/Hoe/Hö-rchner family names. This includes some spelling variations as described in the Introduction of the Website, . As an example of this spelling variation, Rich Heckner (USA, Nov 2003) emailed the following variations he found in some of his documents:- Hoechner, Hoerhnuher, Heorchner, Heckner, which then became that US branch’s family name, as it is today. He suspects that these are all interpretative spelling variations of the same name. Prof Dr.Dr. Franz Hörchner of Berlin states (2002) that: “The name Horchner, Horinger, Höringer, Hörl, usw came from one German commune origin; Höriger, (and possibly) means a dependant servant, slave-like.” The use of the one spelling, “Horchner”, of the family name in this document in no way precludes other “more or less correct” Germanic” forms of the name such as – Hoerchner, Hörchner, Hochner, Hoechner, Horcner, Hoercner, Horkner, and so on. In English it is fractionally easier to NOT use Umlauts, however correct that may be in German.

The Purpose of the Research:-
The overall aim of the Global Horchner family tree project is to try to trace the roots of each family branch back to Germany, and beyond that, to a common place or origin somewhere in Germany. The material presented here is part of an ongoing process of gathering the overall structure or global picture of the Horchner family.
A number of the Ho/Hoe/Hö. families contacted are yet to reveal many details of their siblings, parents, grandparents & other ancestry. When these become available it is highly likely that more branches come to light, and hopefully some of the disparate family trees will come together through a common ancestor link. On a global scale, this coming-together commonality is in fact the overall aim of this research. German Horchner migrants in the 18-20th centuries set up new homes in Holland, USA, A’lia, and other countries. One such person, Jacob Reinholdt Hö., arrived in Brisbane, A’lia on the migrant ship, La Rochelle, in 1863, from Hamburg. He came from Kleinschmalkalden, Kurhessen. and his parents were David und Anna Marie. This David may well have been the son (or grandson?) of David Hö., born 1776, who was the son of Anton Hö. both of Kleinschmalkalden. This Brisbane Hö. branch apparently died out about 1945.
Similarly, Andreas (Andrew) and August Hö., two German brothers from parents Christian Hö. und Marika Marie (or Mary Martha) Kyler/Hö., migrated from Munich to USA in 1879 and started two large US Horchner family trees, shown below. Another recorded US Horchner family tree shown below was started by Alexander Hö. who migrated from an unknown German village, and married Mary Salander in 1888? in German Town, WN.
There are several other Internet migrant records (courtesy of Ben Ford, Rochester, NY et al) of Horchner family members arriving in NYC (1892, 1895, 1912, 1915 etc). Those who were shown to be from Gotha und Friedrichoda would highly likely be related to the same large group living today in villages & towns clustered around Tambach-Dietharz, Thuringer Wald region. Other US records indicate earlier Ho. members, for example, a Frederick Ho. discharged from the US army in 1865; Andreas Ho bought Wisconsin land in 1858 as did Alexander G. Ho in 1883. These people are still to be placed in a particular US Ho. family tree.
The entire eight generations of the Dutch Amsterdam Hö family tree can be traced to one German “migrant”, Johann Andreas (1768-1833) from Hahnstaetten, shown below. How were the Hahnstaetten Ho members related to the reasonably nearby Thuringer Wald Ho members? Unfortunately the words of the baptismal church records in St. Nicholas, Hahnstaetten, deny any immediate connection by pointing in a different direction - the parents of Johann Andreas & his brothers are shown as:-“Eltern: Johann Jacob Hörchner, Bergmann aus Niedersachsen und Anna Catharina.” The miner & his wife were supposedly from the north of Germany, Niedersachsen, a huge northern province, far away from Thuringia.
Hopefully these examples show that the purpose of this global family tree project, although still very much in its infancy, is to find and place as many members as possible of the extended Ho family into one global structure; and to give this overall family tree an historically accurate genealogical perspective, hopefully leading to a single source of ancestral origin presumably somewhere in Germany. The word “global” is very much an assumption for the future, not a reality of today. Nevertheless it expresses a hope for the future, a goal, or an objective to be aimed for over time, as more and more data and Horchner family histories and genealogies are gathered together under this one banner.

Principles of Research:-
No apology is made regarding the methodology of the research to date. It is not good genealogy. This project emphasises the compiling and presenting of genealogy in plain language rather than in a software presentation. This encourages the non-technical supporters of this project to continue to volunteer and supply information in the future as more names, dates, & historical facts come to hand in family situations. More official record searches in Church records, Registry Bureaus, and other official archives will parallel this and be added to this project. I do not have access to very many hard paper copies of certificates of birth, marriage & death. Rather, reliance in the majority of cases has been placed on friendly person to person contact using email & postal correspondence, with Internet searches using the Google & other search engines to supply the email address for people with the Horchner surnames. There are many that have never responded despite repeated requests, and one must respect their democratic right to remain private and anonymous. There are also many Horchner Internet references without email addresses – these remain an ongoing challenge, and require continuing research vigilance in the hope that other clues may allow us to establish personal contact, if allowed or acceptable.
Once friendly contact is established, my principle is to remain in a one on one correspondence, with a personal and socially acceptable exchange of family history, and so try to build up a picture of the Horchner ancestry. This ongoing search for the extended Ho family has been, in my opinion, fruitful, rewarding, and my results over a period of three years have produced a general picture of a very widespread, hardworking, international family in Germany, Holland, England, USA, Canada, Australia, and so on.
Assuming an approximate average 25-year cycle of birth, marriage, first child, there are 4 generations per 100 years. The binary series (2 parents; 4 grandparents; 8 great-grandparents, 16, 32, 64,…………….) expands in 5 centuries (i.e. 20 generations) to well over a million direct line of descent ancestors (i.e. 2 raised to the power 20 is 1,048,576). This means that not only the surname genes have come down the one-name ancestry tree, but well over a million people have contributed their gene pool to you as an individual over the last 500 years. Figures beyond 500 years start to stagger the imagination. But I am sure professional geneticists and genealogists are very familiar with these sorts of calculations. Special markers on our genes identifies our heritage – the recent DNA research by Oslo University of Easter Islanders showed them to be of Polynesian descent and not South American, as suspected by the 1950’s Swedish Kon Tiki expedition sociologists. One question we could ask of geneticists is what common ancient DNA marker if any do the Franconian or Thuringer Wald or Hahnstaetten Horchner family members share to uniquely identify them?
Because of the promptness of responses to email enquiries, the personal touch, and its immediacy and meaning to our lives today, my ongoing methodology in the short term will remain this way, with possible future hard-copy evidence & back-up in accordance with more traditional genealogical principles. Today I correspond with no fewer than 50 Horchner & other family members world-wide who have been kind enough to respond. This sharing of family backgrounds has been great, and my thanks to you all. I hope and pray that this project will continue to produce the positive family tree results that people are looking for.

What I assume we are working towards is the combining together of two or more branches with a common ancestor. Some of the German family trees provided by the Thuringer Wald families are very close to that. This will continue to be the driving force behind my incessant questioning of my correspondents – something I am sure that is not always so welcome. But any same or similar Christian (Vorname; voornaam) name, clue, date of birth, marriage, death or a family story or place of birth could be the common connection or clue between two branches. I have this delightful description given to me by the wonderful Frau Elfriede Hörchner auf/from Kleinschmalkalden, when she describes the 18th Century arrival of her now deceased husband’s ancestor to the village: “Lange vor 1803 ist eine Familie Anton Hörchner, ………nach Kleinschmalkalden eingewandert - Söhne der Familie: Johannes geb. 1778; David geb. 1776; Konrad geb. 1785……….”. The word “eingewandert” ( immigrated) still applies today as the Horchner family spreads itself far and wide across the globe. Frau Elfriede Hörchner aus Kleinschmalkalden und Frau Gabriele Bohner/Hörchner aus Tambach-Dietharz have combined their separate family Sippschaftstaffeln (Dutch stamboom; English family tree) into one comprehensive family tree – see below.
To enable someone in the US, Australia, Holland or Germany to think of themselves proudly as a member of one single global family today, I think, is a laudable and desirable aim, and in today’s politically disturbed world, a worthwhile human and family feeling.

Internet Horchner Web sites:-
1. owned & maintained by the author. Information regarding the global Horchner/Hoerchner/Hörchner family.

2. owned & maintained by Martin Hoerchner, London, UK. Information on Martin’s family and ancestry.

Conclusion of this part of “The Global Horchner Family Trees.”

I have recorded several family trees of the German Hörchner families from the Thuringer Wald region, and from Hahnstaetten, Rhineland-Pfalz, whilst another was given to me by Dr Franz Hörchner of Berlin; other global family trees are from the USA Hoerchner families; another by Volker Max Werner Hörchner formerly of Waltershausen/Dortmund, now working in Holland & Spain. Another is the extensive family tree from Martin Hoerchner, London, starting in the German town of Luisenthal, Thuringer Wald. Two others originate from Kleinschmalkalden, one whose family still lives there; another who migrated to Brisbane, Australia, in 1863. The most detailed family tree is the Dutch Hörchner family tree, composed by my Aunt Brunhilde of the Amsterdam originated tribe started by Johann Andreas Hörchner in 1800. I have tried naming all these family trees according to their original earliest known ancestor, or the donor of the information - these arbitrary names which can be changed at will may help to differentiate the family trees for further discussion.
I would like you to check the names of the Hö/Hoe/Horchner members of each tree, and see if you recognise any of these names as belonging to your families ie (dwz, d.h.) a sibling brother or sister; parents; grandparents; uncles; aunts; etc (enz, u.s.w.).
I would also invite you to join this global search for your Hörchner/Hoerchner/Horchner family trees ( ) by letting me know some more details of your family, starting with details of yourself - full name; date of birth; place of birth; the same for siblings, parents, grandparents, and so on. The email address to send this information to is
In order to create and retain a degree of privacy for people still living, this particular draft of the document will only be sent to direct family members already contacted previously. Later publicised copies of this document on the web site, will have arbitrarily deleted some people’s birth dates and/or names from about 1920-1940 onwards. The more complete version of the Horchner family trees will only be distributed privately as requested and available using the appropriate family tree software in due course.

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Various Global Horchner Family Trees (Full Version)

AU1 – The Jacob Reinhold (*1839) Hörchner Australian Family Tree.
AU2 – The Wihelmus Johannes (*1907) Horchner Australian Family Tree.
AU3 - The Joachim Andreas (*1889) Hörchner Australian Family Tree.

DE1 – Franz Johann (*1932) Hörchner German Family Tree
DE2 – The Christian (*1830?) Hörchner (Hohenkirchen near Ohrdruf) German Family Tree
DE3 – The Volker Max Werner (*1957) Hörchner (Thuringer Wald) German Family Tree
DE4 – now included under DE8.
DE5 – The Franz (*1825?) und Hugo(*1883) Hörchner (Tambach-Dietharz) German Family Tree
DE6 – The Jacob Reinhold (*1839) Hörchner (Kleinschmalkalden) German Family Tree
DE7 – The Johann Valentin (*1742) Hörchner (Georgenthal/Luisenthal) German Family Tree
DE8 – The Johann Jacob (*1743?) Hörchner (Niedersachsen/Hahnstaetten) German Family Tree.
DE9 - The Karl (*1873) Hörchner (Tambach-Dietharz) German Family Tree.
DE10 – The Hubert (*) Hörchner (Tambach-Dietharz) German Family Tree.
DE11 – The Sabine (*)/Uwe (*) Hörchner (Dresden/USA) German Family Tree.
DE12 – The Traugott (*1830?) Hörchner (Ohrdruf) German Family Tree.

United States/Verenigde Staten/Vereinigten Staaten:-
US1 – The Christian (*1830?) Hörchner USA Family Tree
US2 – The Alexander (*1850?) Hörchner USA Family Tree
US3 – The Alfred Eric (*1919) Hörchner USA Family Tree
US4 – The Heckner/Anklam USA Family Tree

NL1 – The Johann Andreas (*1768) Hörchner (Hahnstaetten) Dutch Family Tree
NL2 – The Johannes Jacob (*1803) Hörchner Dutch branch no.1
NL3 – The Wandert Willem Frederik (*1809) Hörchner Dutch branch no.3
NL4 – The Johann Andreas Hörchner (*1811) Dutch branch no.4
NL5 – The Johannes Petrus Hörchner (*1813) Dutch branch no.5
NL6 – The Adolf (*1821) Hörchner Dutch branch no.9
NL7 – The Jacob (*1823) Hörchner Dutch no.10 branch

United Kingdom/Verenigd Koninkrijk/Vereinigte Königreich:-
UK1 – The Martin (*1952) Hoerchner UK Family Tree – see US3

CA1 – The Redecker/Horchner Canadian Family Tree – not yet shown.

Note:- * means/betekent/Bedeutung “date of birth/geboortedatum/Geburtsdatum”

Note: there is a high degree of cross referencing between these family trees. The arbitrary naming above focusses on the origin of the particular branch ie in the USA, most members of a branch will be aware of the particular German migrant who started the branch. But tracing that person further back to Germany presents difficulties. So the “USA” portion of the family tree presents those subsequently born in the USA. The prior “DE” or German branch, focusses on the German origin. So some of the bothway cross references as far as I can determine are as follows:-

AU1 – DE6; AU2 – NL6; AU3 – NL7; DE2 – US1; DE4 – NL1-7; DE7 – US3 – UK1

Some Australian Horchner Family Trees.

AU1 - The Jacob Reinhold Hörchner Australian Family Tree.

Arrival in Australia.
The story of all the Australian Horchner family trees begins with the arrival of migrants from somewhere else in the world e.g. Germany, Holland, USA. The earliest known arrival is a Reinhold Hörchner (spelt Hoerchner), arriving on the La Rochelle from Hamburg, Germany, to Brisbane, Australia, in 1863.
The “Hamburg passenger list”, page 10, shows the ship, La Rochelle, under Captain Junge departing Hamburg 15/5/1863, travelling to Moreton Bay, Brisbane. Passenger no. 46 is Reinhold HOERCHNER from Kleinschmalkalden, Kurhessen; occupation Landmann, age 24. And from the “Hamburg Emigrants 1860-1869” page 59, we read “HOERCHNER, Reinhold, on the La Rochelle departed 1863.”
Extracts from the Queensland Post Office Directory, show a “Jacob R Hoerchner” as an umbrella maker in Albert Street, Brisbane, 1874; in Ann Street, Brisbane, 1890 (spelt “Hoerschner”); in Wickham Street, Brisbane, 1891 (spelling variation “Hoerschner”); Wickham and Stanley Streets, South Brisbane, 1892. The 1892 Directory also shows a “Hoerchner, F.R., medical electrician”, Stanley Street.
A copy of an oath of allegiance in August 1875 shows a “Jacob Reinhold Hoerchner Brisbane” swearing an oath of allegiance to Queen Victoria, signed by “J. Reinhold Hoerchner, sworn and subscribed at Brisbane this 25th day of August, 1875 followed by the name: - “Jacob Reinhold Hoerchner, Prussian, 36 years.”
There are other extracts from birth, death, marriage indexes indicating:-
1. the marriage on 08.05.1866 of Jacob Reinhold Hoerchner to Caroline Baker.
2. the birth on 02.08.1866 of a son, Arthur; died 25.09.1866.
3. the birth on 20.04.1868 of a daughter, unnamed; died ??
4. the birth on 27.08.1871 of a daughter, Julia.
5. the birth on 05.10.1877 of a daughter, Rebecca.
6. the birth on 24.11.1880 of a daughter, Lydia.
7. the birth on 01.11.1882 of a son, Frederick.
8. the birth on 25.01.1886 of a son, William Richard; died 23.02.1886.
9. the birth on 31.07.1887 of a daughter, Helena; died 20.08.1887, or 20.12.1887?
The death certificate of Jacob Reinhold shows his parents names as David und Anna Marie Hö. from Kleinschmalkalden, Kurhessen, Deutschland.

AU2 - The Wihelmus Johannes Horchner Australian Family Tree.
This story commences in 1950 with the arrival of the Dutch Hörchner family from The Hague on board two ships, the English “The Himalaya” and the Dutch “De Sibayak”. Etc etc etc. this story from 1950 to 2002 is still to be completed by the author, in consultation with his Australian family members. I would suggest this will be a completely separate document on this website. Family data is found under NL6, the Adolf Hörchner Dutch no.9 branch.

AU3 - The Joachim Andreas Hörchner Australian Family Tree.
This story is also still to be written by Dr. Roy Horchner from Biloela, Queensland, Australia, and his extended family in Australia. It may also become a much extended document found elsewhere on this global Horchner Family Tree website. Family data is found under NL7, the Jacob Hörchner Dutch no.10 branch.)

Some German Hörchner Family Trees.

I have been kindly given the records of several family trees of the German Hörchner families from the Thuringer Wald region. Another is of my ancestor from Hahnstaetten, Rhineland-Pfalz. One was given to me by Dr Franz Hörchner of Berlin; and others by the USA Ho/Hoerchner families; and another by Volker Max Werner Hörchner formerly of Waltershausen/Dortmund, now working in Holland. Two are from Kleinschmalkalden, one whose family still lives there, another who migrated to Brisbane, Australia, in 1863. I have named most of these family trees according to the original male ancestor or the present donor of the information - these arbitrary names may help to differentiate the family trees in further discussion.

DE1 - Franz Johann Hörchner (born 14.11.1932) German Family Tree.
His ancestors are:- his greatgreatgreat grandfather - Johann Georg Hö. born in Mittersinn, died in Heilgersdorf married to Margarethe Dorothea Rudolphin.
Their 4 children were 1. Frederike Maria, 2. Johann George Daniel Hö married? Albrechtin, 4. Johanna Eleonore married ? Klein, and 3. his greatgreat grandfather - Jakob Benjamin Hö. 1790-1841, married ? Engelhard.
Their 5 children were
2. Anna Margarethe married ? Geuss.
3. Johann Georg Hö., ausgew. 1848 USA, (this needs to be followed up as a possible US fam tree.)
4. Eva Elisabeth married ? Pfeifer, 5. Joh. Georg Daniel Hö. 1837-1916 married ? Holzmiller, 1. his great grandfather - Heinrich Hö. 1826-1910 married ? Prediger.
Their 3 children were
1. Ernestine Hö. married ? Huss,
2. Johann Georg Hö 1856-1899 (this requires further research as apossible US family tree) and
3. his grandfather Adam Christian Hö. 1861-1924 married ? Thönissen.
Their 1? child is his father Ino Hö. 1896-1982 married ? Götz.
Their 2 children are
1. Ino Franz Josef Hö. 1923-1940, and
2. self Franz Johann Hö. married ? Jäger.
Their 4 children are 1. Ino Bernard Hö. 2. Kathrin Hö.3. Jasemin Hö.4. Melanie Hö.

DE2 - The Christian Hörchner German Family Tree - from Hohenkirchen near Ohrdruf, showing only the German origin and connection.

Christian Hörchner married Marika Marie Kyler (also known in the USA as Mary Martha), in the village of Hohenkirchen near Ohrdruf.
Their 3? children are
1. Wilhelm Hö. who stayed "home".
2. August Hö.
3. Andreas (Andrew) Frederick Hö. 1860-1941.
August and Andrew migrated from Munich to USA in 1879. Andrew returned to Germany, but stowed away back to USA and landed in New Orleans, 1881. August started up in Baltimore, married Martha Weismann. Andrew married 3 times, 1st. Emma Carlotti Witt, (daughter Irma E. Hö/Tressler) 2nd. Clara E. Tidenberg, (nil) 3rd. Nellie Margaret Carpenter (Herman Andrew Hö, Carl William Hö, Ray K. Hö, Robert A. Hö, Naomi Hö/Evans). The rest of this family tree is “US1”, one of the USA Horchner/Hoerchner/Hörchner family trees.

DE3 - The Volker Max Werner Hörchner (born 29.08.1957) German Family Tree - from Tambach-Dietharz/Waltershausen/Dortmund, Thuringer Wald Region. (“his” refers to Volker.)
His greatgreatgrandfather was Johann Andreas, Master Baker, Tambach-Dietharz, born between ?1820-1840?
His greatgrandfather was Karl Hörchner, Tambach-Dietharz, born between ?1850-1870?
Karl had two sisters.
Karl's 5 children were
1. his grandfather Ernst Hörchner, Waltershausen, 1885-??, see below.
2. Ida Hö. 1887-1939.
3. Fritz Hö. 1890-19??, who had 2 sons –
3.1 Gerhard Hö. 1919-1978, who had one son, Volker Hö. & one daughter, Christel Hö
3.2 Martin Hö. 1927-1944.
4. Max Hö. 1892-1967, who had a daughter Hannie Hö. 1919-1957.
5. Anna Hö. 1900-1968.

His grandfather 1. Ernst Hö. had 4 children:-
1.1 Max Hörchner, Waltershausen, 1913-1969
1.1.1 son Gerd Hö. 1955.
1.2 Walter Hörchner, Waltershausen, 1919-1944.
1.3 Werner Hörchner, Waltershausen, 1923-1998. and
1.4 his father, Alfred Max Heinrich Hörchner, Waltershausen/Dernbach, 192?-1995; 5 sons.
1.4.1 Walter Ernst Hörchner, Waltershausen, 1951.
1.4.2 Alfred Ralf Hörchner, Dortmund, 1956.
self - 1.4.3 Volker Max Werner Hörchner, Dortmund, 1957.
1.4.4 Gunter Hörchner, Dortmund, 1959.
1.4.5 Gerold Hörchner, Dortmund, 1965.

DE4 – now included under DE8

DE5 - The Franz und Hugo Hörchner German Family Tree - in honour of the two founding patriarchs. This was previously “The Hilmar/Elfriede Hörchner Family Tree", in honour of the Kleinschmalkalden family who first provided the information. this is now part of a larger family tree provided by Gabriele Bohner/Hörchner, and her father, Herbert Hörchner.

Franz Hörchner married to Wilhelmine - no dates available. Children were
1. Christiane Hö. married to ? Rednagel. No dates available as yet.
2. Karl Hö. No dates available as yet.
3. Hugo Hörchner born 21.01.1883 married (no date) to Christiane Umbreit born 15.03.1884.
Children were
3.1 Karl Hö. born 18.09.1905
3.2 Paul Hö born 21.12.1906
3.3 Kurt Hö. born 07.04.1909
3.4 Hildegard Hö. Born 25.07.1913 married to ? Oschmann

Paul Hö. married Rosa Anschütz, born 25.10.1906. Children were
3.2.1 Herbert Hörchner, born 06.01.1926, married to ?
3.2.2 Hilmar Hörchner, born 15.07.1933, died 02.07.1987, married to Elfriede.

Children of Herbert are Christina, Gabriele, & Norbert Hörchner.

Children of Hilmar & Elfriede are Karin, Evelyn, & Arndt Hörchner.

DE6 - The Jacob Reinhold Hörchner German Family Tree,
From information supplied 2003 by Elfriede Hörchner, aus Kleinschmalkalden, obtained from the Church Office, Parish of Kleinschmalkalden, dates are as follows:-
1. Anton Hörchner, 1803, married Eva Catherina Vietsch. Children born in Kleinschmalkalden were
1.1 – Johann David, *13.03.1776 +22.03.1860
1.2 – Johannes, *11.11.1778
1.3 – Konrad, *21.06.1785 +07.11.1867
One of these three had a son named Konrad, *14.01.1815 +08.05.1886, “und Bürgermeister auf Kleinschmalkalden 1850-1875”.
From information by John Horchner, 2003, obtained from the Brisbane State Library, Queensland, Australia. An extract from the index to the Hamburg emigrants 1860-1869 shows a Jacob Reinhold Hörchner arriving on the La Rochelle from Hamburg, Germany, to Brisbane, Australia, in 1863, with 443 other German migrants. Jacob Reinhold was born 1839 at Kleinschmalkalden, Germany, to parents David Hoerchner and Anna Maria KONIG. Jacob Reinhold was married 08.05.1866 to Caroline BAKER who died 08.07.1934.Jacob Reinhold died 27.06.1923. They had 8 children. For further details see under “AU1” in Australian Horchner Family Trees.
If we combine the two above informations, one could reasonably assume that David Hoerchner, the father of Jacob Reinhold, was the son, or grandson, of the Kleinschmalkalden family, David 1776-1860. This is still to be verified independently.

DE7 - The Johann Valentin Hörchner German Family Tree, - from Georgenthal/Tambach-Dietharz/Stutzhaus showing only the German connections.
(Note:- “ + ” here indicates “married”.)

Johann Valentin Hörchner 1742/43 (Georgenthal)
2 Georg Sebastian Hörchner 1785 (Tambach-Dietharz)
3 Georg Jeremias Friederich Hörchner 1827 (Stutzhaus) + Marie P. D. Pflügner
3.1.August Emil Hörchner 1851–(Stutzhaus)
3.2 Sally Marie Alexandrina Hörchner 1853–1930 (Stutzhaus)
3.3.August Reinhold Hörchner 1855 + Johanna Ida Triebel 1858
3.3.1 Otto Hörchner 1878 (Stutzhaus)
3.3.2 Minna Lina Emilie Hörchner 1880 (Stutzhaus) + Oscar König
3.3.3 Ernst Albert Hörchner 1881 (Stutzhaus)
3.3.4 Anna Meta Hörchner 1883–1949 (Stutzhaus) + Leopold Klein 1875-1944 (Sühl) Erich Klein Hans Klein?-1990 Leopold Klein Ernst Klein 1906-1955
3.3.5 i Clara Marie Hörchner 1885 (Stutzhaus) + Möller Paul Möller?-1991 + Hedwig Baumbach Paul Moeller 1927 + Martchen Möller
3.3.5 ii Clara Marie Hörchner + Oswald Lagbein
3.3.6 Erich Alfred Hoerchner 1888 – 1969 (Stutzhaus) + Anna Martinz 1897-1954 Alfred Erich Hoerchner 1919–1988 (California)
+ Roma Alma Wallquist (California)1920-1993
(please see “US3” The Alfred Eric Hoerchner USA family tree.)
3.3.7 Wilhelm Reinhold Hörchner 1890–1927 (Stutzhaus) + Hilde Marte Ella Margot Hörchner (unknown) half-sister i Wilhelm Hörchner 1920–1993 + (Dortmund) Michael Hörchner Wilhelm Hörchner + Gertrud Weislogel Falk Hörchner Elmar Hörchner
3.3.8 Ernst Otto Hörchner 1892–1893 (Stutzhaus)
3.3.9 Emil Friederich Hörchner 1894 (Stutzhaus)
3.4 Friederich Albert Hörchner 1857
3.5 Carl August Lewin Agathon Hörchner 1859–1943 (Stutzhaus)

DE8 - The Johann Jacob Horchner German Family Tree - these are the German parents and siblings of Johannn Andreas dealt with under The Dutch Family Tree NL1-9. Johann Andreas “migrated” to Holland around 1800. There seems to be very little information regarding the offsprings of Johann’s siblings in Hahnstaetten, except for the Church book entries below.

Parents (Eltern) of Johann Andreas: - (from the baptism record of St Nicolaus Church, Hahnstätten)
Johann Jacob Hörchner *? - +1787, Bergmann aus Niedersachsen, married to Anna Catharina (Katharina?).
They had 3 or 4 children:- (my aunt has a 4th entry in her book, a Carl, who may have died 1771.)

“Auszug aus den Kirchenbüchern Hahnstätten 13.6.1975

Hörchner, Hieronimus, getauft am 14.7.1765 in Hahnstätten
Eltern: Johann Jacob Hörchner, Bergmann aus Niedersachsen und Anna Catharina.
Hörchner, Johann Andreas, getauft am 7.2.1768
Eltern: wie oben
Hörchner, Johann Friedrich, getauft am 10.Dez. 1773
Eltern: wie oben

i. Hörchner, Johann Peter, geboren am 13.März 1792 zu Hahnstätten
Eltern: Hieronymus Hörchner und Cristine Elisabeth geb. Groos von Schönborn
ii. Hörchner, Catharina Margarethe geb. 10.4.1793 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
iii. Hörchner, Johannes, geb. am 19. Juni 1794 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
iv. Hörchner, Elisabeth, geb. am 15. ? 1795 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
v. Hörchner, Anna Dorothea, geb. am 15. Febr 1798 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
vi. Hörchner, Anna Maria, geb. am 19. April 1799 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
vii. Hörchner, Marie Elisabeth, geb. am 13. April 1801 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
viii. und ix. Hörchner, Christine, und Hörchner, Hieronymus, geboren am 17.2. 1803
zu Hahnstätten. Eltern: wie 1.
x. Hörchner, Cathrine Margrethe, geb. am 15. Febr. 1804 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
xi. Hörchner, Marie Margarethe, geb. am 2.Dez. 1806 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.
xii. Hörchner, Anne Christine, geb. am 17. Jan 1809 zu Hahnstätten.
Eltern: wie 1.

DE10 – The Hubert (*) Hörchner (Tambach-Dietharz) German Family Tree.
1. Hubert Hörchner married to Ilona
2. Marcus Hörchner born 20.03.1981 – no further information to date.

DE11 – The Sabine (*)/Uwe (*) Hörchner (Dresden/USA) German Family Tree.
1. grandparents of Sabine & Uwe & Thomas Hörchner/Hoerchner
2. parents of Sabine & Uwe & Thomas.
3. Sabine Hörchner married to Romy, Dresden.
Brother Uwe Hoerchner married, living in Woodside, near San Francisco.
No further information to date.

DE12 – The Traugott (*1830?) Hörchner (Ohrdruf) German Family Tree.
1. Traugott Hörchner born circa 1830. Started dress shop in Ohrdruf in 1856 which still exists today.
2. next generation, son Walter Hörchner, born circa 1870-1880.
3. next generation, daughter Brigitte Hörchner, born 1920, died 1956. This is “Grandma Brigitte”.
4. next generation, daughter Inge, married Michalski. This is “Mum Inge”.
5. next generation, 5.1 daughter Annett, born 1972. 5.2 daughter Katja, born 1974, married Volker.
Inge & Katja manage the Traugott Hörchner Dress Emporium at Ohrdruf.

Some United Sates of America Hörchner Family Trees.

US1 - The Christian Hörchner USA Family Tree. This information from emails with US correspondents.

Christian Hörchner married Mary Martha (Mary M. or Marika Marie) Kyle in Hohenkirchen, near Ohrdruf, Thuringer Wald Region, Germany, and had 3 children
1. August, migrated from Munich, Germany to US in 1879 with brother Andrew.
2. Andreas (Andrew) Frederick, born 19 May/March 1860, died 14 Sep. 1941, migrated in 1879 to US with his brother, August, returned to Germany, but re-migrated to US in 1881.
3. Wilhelm – stayed “home” - no further information (nfi).

1. The August Horchner USA branch.

1. August Hö. married Martha Weissman; 3 children,
1.1 Richard August 11.06.1898-09.1980
1.2 Andrew 30.04.1901-09.1975 married A. Evelyn Middlekoop
1.3 Cora nfi
Note:- August was in Baltimore by 1888; Martha died young; August went to Texas, leaving his 2 sons in an orphanage, adopted by the Chittendens of ?. Were there any more August offsprings in Texas?

1.1 Richard August 1898-1980 married Louise Pintard Robinson 21.07.1895-26.02.1974; 4 children,
1.1.1 Richard Screven Ho.10.06.1923-01.10.1986 married Dell Watson
1.1.2 John Pintard Ho.11.03.1927 married Walteen Watton
1.1.3 Louise Robinson Ho. 06.07.1928 married 19.06.1954 Dr. Willard Nelson Failing
1.1.4 Charlotte Cushman Ho. 10.08.1934 married twice
Note:- Richard August studied literature at Yale; played piano, baseball; Robinson ancestor family details not shown here; ,

1.1.1 Richard Screven & Dell have 2 children, Richard Ho. Robin Ho.

1.1.2 John Pintard Sr. & Walteen have 4 children, John Pintard Ho. Jr married Nadine Jennifer Ho. Katherine Ho. married Bruce Bonato Jimmy Ho.

1.1.3 Louise Robinson & Willard Nelson Failing have 2 children, Linda Louise Fa. born 28.06.1956 married twice
married #1 07.03.1981 George Siegfried Gorski born 01.09.1936, Berlin – one child Sonya Maxine Go. born 07.07.1984
married #2 05.06.1993 Benjamin Pierson Ford IV born 22.08.1956 Robert Willard Fa. born 06.06.1958 married Barbara Gates Larmon, born 22.09.1953.
Note:- Failing ancestor family details not shown here

1.1.4 Charlotte Cushman Ho. married #1 Patrick Riordon; 5 children; married #2 Don Paulsen. Elizabeth Ri. married #1 Richard – one child; m#2 Robert Hoffman Christine Ri. married Kelly Finnerty – one boy; Michelle Ri. nfi Douglas Ri. married - one child, Matt.

1.2 Andrew Hö. 1901-1975 married A. Evelyn MIDDLEKOOP; one son
1.2.1 John Andy Ho. (Chino Valley)
Note:- Middelkoop ancestor family details not shown here.

2. The Andrew Horchner USA branch.

2. Andrew Frederick Hö 1860-1941 migrated from Hohenkirchen near Ohrdruf, Thuringia, Germany in 1879, returned to Germany but migrated to New Orleans, arriving 10.10.1881, & migrated to Meyersdale, PA. He was a carpenter, and married three? times.
Married #1 Emma Carlotti Witt, born 27.06.1867 to parents Cornelius Heyer Witt & Elizabeth McCall Johnson, died 28.07.1889; Emma had one daughter, Irma, born 1886, died 1954; she married Henry L. Tressler, and had 4 children, Emma (married William Martz); Benjamin H.; James T.; Leonard.

Married #2 1893 Clara E. Tidenberg, born 30.03.1871 to parents John & Henrietta Tidenberg, died 25.10.1894, Johnsberg cemetery, Somerset, PA.

Married #3 1913 Nellie Margaret Carpenter, born 29.08.1891, died 31.05.1979. There were 5 children-
2.3.1 Herman Andrew Ho. born 06.03.1914-died 22.01.1988; Meyersdale, PA married Velma Irene Johnson, 24.01.1916-09.1976,
2.3.2 Anna Mary Naome (or Naomi A.) Ho. married Evans Dunnick - 2 children Susan Dunnick Robert Dunnick
2.3.3 Ray Kyle Ho. married twice
2.3.4 Carl William Ho. married Frances Elizabeth Rowe
2.3.5 Robert Ho. nfi

2.3.1 Herman Andrew & Velma Irene had 3 children-correct order? Dale Andrew Ho. Frantz Andrew Ho. 18.01.1942-15.01.1950 Gay Evans Ho.

2.3.3 Raymond Kyle married #1; had 1 son Richie (Ray Edward?) Ho.
2.3.3 Raymond Kyle married #2; had 3 children child 1 child 2 Pam Ho. married Gerry Lute;

2.3.4 Carl William & Frances Elizabeth had 5 sons- Carl Andrew Ho. 03.06.1937-17.01.1999 married Patricia Ann Brechbill Larry Ho. Sr. married Mary Jane Neff Charles E. Ho. married Rosalie Rowe (Rowe family details not shown here) Raymond Ho. Francis Ho. married Sharon Dunn Carl Andrew & Patricia Ann have 2 children Cheryl Ho. Paul Ho. Larry Sr. & Mary Jane have 5 children Larry Gene Ho. Jr born 1961 married Lisa Ann Keith; Stephanie Nicole & Brittany Marie Diana Ho. married Gary Palmer; Gary Lynn & Jennifer Nicole Gary Ho. married Laura Miller; Kimberly, Dustin & Candance Timothy Ho. Michael Ho. married Kay; Michael Jr, Chevelle, Eric & Christopher Charles E & Rosalie have 2 children Charles Ho. Jr married Karen; son & daughter Jeffery Ho. Francis & Sharon have 2 children-birth order? Christiana Ho. Scott A. Ho. married 04.01.1997 Geneva Bare; Warren

US2 - The Alexander Hörchner USA Family Tree from Wisconsin & Michigan.
This information from emails & posted material with US correspondents.

Alexander Hörchner born Germany, migrated to US to Vernon County, Wisconsin. He married there 28.11.1875 to Mary Nee Sallander, born 30.06.1859 in WN to parents Andrew Sallander born 19.05.1835 in Goethe, Saxony, Germany, & Hannah Hilderbrandt born 10.1831, died WN 11.1900. Andrew Sallander migrated to US 01.06.1853, Ellis Island. There were 6 children; Mary Nee, John, Frederick Howard, Anna, Charles E, Minnie. Alexander & Mary Nee met in Vernon County, married, & had 6 children. One spelling of Alexander’s name is “Alek Harner”. He bought 40 acres in WN in 1888.

Their 6 children were born at Juneau County, Wisconsin -
1. Lena Horchner, born 1878
2. Frank Horchner, born 20 Sept 1879, died 13 Feb 1925, at Delta County, Michigan.
3. Francis Horchner, born ca 1880-1889
4. Winie Horchner, born ca 1881-1890
5. Louis Randolf Horchner, born 16 June 1891, died 16 June 1961
6. Eda Horchner, born 16 Dec 1897
2. Frank Horchner married 21 April 1906 at Merrill, Wisconsin
to Emma Augusta JAEGER, born 26 July 1887 at Merrill, Wisconsin, died 3 Feb 1959.
(Emma’s parents – John JAEGER married to Sofie Nee SCHROEDER.)
Frank & Emma’s 2 children were born at Merrill, Wisconsin –
1. Arthur Charles Horchner, born 2 Dec 1906, died 6 July 1949
2. Lorena (Arlene) Horchner, born 1908, died 1963.

1. Arthur Charles Horchner married 25 Dec 1928 at Escanaba, Michigan
to Adele Johanna SANDERMAN, born 19 June 1904 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, died 6 June 1999 at Escanaba, Michigan. (Adele’s parents - ? SANDERMAN married to ? ZASTROW.)
Arthur & Adele’s 4 children were born at Escanaba, Michigan –
1. Marvin Arthur Horchner, born 27 Feb 1931
2. Roger Charles Horchner, born 25 Sept 1933
3. Gerald Edward Horchner, born 28 Aug 1940
4. Dale Franklin Horchner, born 4 Jan 1945
1. Marvin Arthur Horchner married 29 Sept 1956 at Escanaba, Michigan
to Mary Ellen SWAN, born 10 Feb 1931 at Central City, Kentucky, died 4 Nov 2000
(Mary’s parents – Fry SWAN married to Pearl WALLACE.)
Marvin & Mary’s 2 children are -
1. Sherry Lynn Horchner, born 4 Mar 1962 at Marquette, Michigan
2. Linda Marie Horchner, born 26 Sept 1964 at Soo, Michigan
2. Roger Charles Horchner married 11 June 1955 at Escanaba, Michigan
to Lois Jeanne HENNESSEY, born 13 Sept 1937 at Garden, Michigan.
(Lois’ parents – Carlyle James HENNESSEY married to Marian Pearl FOURNIER.)
Roger & Lois’ 5 children are -
1. Julie Jean Horchner, born 8 Nov 1955 at Escanaba, Michigan-married
2. Larry Charles Horchner, born 5 Jan 1957 at Marquette, Michigan
3. David James Horchner, born 25 Feb 1958 at Marquette, Michigan-married
4. Michael Scott Horchner, born 22 Mar 1959 at Marquette, Michigan-married
5. Susan Kay Horchner, born 25 July 1963 at Mt Clemens, Michigan-married

1. Julie Jean Horchner married Roger POWERS

3. David James Horchner married 31 May 1980 at Reed city, Michigan
to Julia Ann ANDRES, born 18 Dec 1958 at Reed City, Michigan.
(Julia’s parents – Ronald Joseph ANDRES married to Carol Jean YOST.)
David & Julia’s son is Andrew David Horchner, born 14 Dec 1992 at Big Rapids, Michigan.

4. Michael Scott Horchner married 27 Jan 1990 at Salida, Colorado
to Deana Marie PONIKVAR, born 7 May 1960 at Salida, Michigan
(Deana’s parents – Ludwig John PONIKVAR married to Evelyn Jeanne TREVATHAN.)
Michael & Deana’s have 2 children from Deana’s previous marriage
1. Clinton Frank Horchner, born as CF YANT 16 Feb 1979 married Jessica Ruth ONDRUS
(Jessica’s parents – John ONDRUS married to Ruth STANLEY.)
2. Michael Paul Horchner, born as MP YANT 21 May 1980 married Mary Nicole BRACKETT
(Mary’s parents – Tony Pearson/BRACKETT married to Mary Kimberley STARK.)

5. Susan Kay Horchner married Bandy BOIKE. nfi
3. Gerald Edward Horchner married #1 1961 at Escanaba, Michigan
to Sharon WOLFGRAM (parents – David WOLFGRAM married to Inez FALLMER.)
Gerald & Sharon’s child, Jeffrey Scott Horchner, was born 26 Apr 1962 at Escanaba, Michigan.

Jeff Scott Horchner/Greenlund married 17 Aug 1985 at Escanaba, Michigan
to Charlotte Marie LAVIGNE, born 14 Sept 1962 at Escanaba, Michigan
(Charlotte’s parents – Wayne LAVIGNE married to Mary Ann HOLMLUND.)
Jeff & Charlotte’s 3 children were born at Holland, Michigan. Now live at Zeeland, MN.
1. Matthew Greenlund, born 12 Sept 1989
2. Michael Greenlund, born 1 June 1993
3. Mikayla Greenlund, born 10 July 1998

3. Gerald Edward Horchner married #2 3 June 1967 at Escanaba, Michigan
to Carole Ann CATTO, born 13 Nov 1940 at Ishpeming, Michigan
(Carole’s parents – Otter Ino CATTO married to Lyle Ellire SAARI.)
Gerald & Carole’s children are -
1. Gregory Dale Horchner, born 28 Sept 1968 at Trenton, Michigan
2. Steven Edward Horchner, born 15 Jan !971 at Monroe, Michigan

1. Gregory Dale Horchner married 5 Sept 1998 at Maui, Hawaii
to Cynthia RUSIE, born 24 May 1971 at Indianapolis, Indiana
(Cynthia’s parents – Michael RUSIE married to Nina WAGNER.)
4. Dale Franklin Horchner married 24 July 1965 at Escanaba, Michigan
to Janet Sue LONG, born 10 Dec 1944 at Escanaba, Michigan
(Janet’s parents – Raymond LONG married to Dorothy PETERSON.)
Dale & Janet’s 2 children were born at Milwaukee, Wisconsin -
1. Todd R Horchner, born 19 Apr 1967
2. Troy Allan Horchner, born 19 Mar 1970

1. Todd Horchner married 12 Aug 1995 at Dallas, Texas
to Marie Elaine ROSEMOND, born 4 Jan 1970 at Port Wayne, California
(Marie’s parents – Henry ROSEMOND married to Shirley ULRICH.)

2. Troy Allen Horchner married 9 Sept 2000 at Gladstone, Michigan
to Brenda Jean GONZINSKI, born 6 Sept 1969 at Norway, Michigan.
(Brenda’s parents – Jack GONZINSKI married to Tammy CLARK.)
Troy & Brenda’s child – Madaline Horchner – born 6 Aug 2001.

US3 - The Alfred Eric Hoerchner USA Family Tree - available on Family Tree Maker (FTM) software, courtesy of Martin hoerchner, London.

US4 - The Heckner/Anklam USA Family Tree – from emails by Barbara Jawor and Richard Heckner.

The Heckner branch:-
Johann Andreas Hoerhnuher/Heorchner/Hoecher was Rich’s greatgreatgrandfather from Germany
married to Frederika (Friedrika?) Karolina Nussbecker, born 1824, Saxony, Germany, migrated to US in 1850, died Menasha, 1907. There were 10? children at Kakauna Street, Menasha, Wisconsin (see Census 1870 & 1900). Rich’s greatgrandfather,August Heckner born 1865 died 1903 was the youngest, married Lillian Papke, stayed “at home”. Lillian left the marriage in 1900, & she died 1928. August’s siblings born before 1850 were from Sachen-Coburg-Gotha, Germany - Frederick, born 1847; Wilhelmina, born 1850, died 1878. Others born later Caroline, born 1857; Amelia, born 1859.
Rich’s grandfather, George born 1891, was one of three children; brought up by grandmother Karolina after 1900. George’s details & Rich’s parents, and siblings if any, are not yet shown here.

The Anklam branch (in part only as it relates to Barbara):-
Wilhelmina Hoerchner born 1850, died 1878, married 1871 Ludwig (Louis) J Anklam born 20.01.1844 in Pozen, Prussia, migrated in 1862, died 24.02.1922. There were 2-4? children; William Frederick 1872-1946; Ida; Harriet; LJ Anklam remarried & had 5-6? children. William Frederick is Barbara Jawor’s grandfather whose details, & that of Barbara’s parents, and siblings if any, are not yet shown here.

Some Dutch Horchner Family Trees.
NL1 - The Johann Andreas Hörchner (Hahnstaetten) Dutch Family Tree,
with its five numbered & named branches, NL2-6.

The information presented here was collected by my Aunt Hilde, Amsterdam during the 1960-80’s. The Dutch Horchner family tree starts with the arrival in Holland in 1800 of Johann Andreas Hörchner, from Hahnstaetten, Nassau, Diez. He married his first wife in Amersfoort, Holland and his second wife in Amsterdam where they lived in Dirk van Hasseltsteeg 14. Johann Andreas was a “stroop brander” (lit. “syrup or treacle burner”). One of his sons, (3) Wandert Willem Frederik , lived at Brouwersgracht 183, another son, (4) Johann Andreas, lived at Peperstraat 14. Another son, (5) Johannes Petrus, was a boekdrukker ( printer ), married at Scherpenzeel (1835), and at Meerenberg (1851). He also lived in Dirk van Hasseltsteeg 614, moved to number 608 in November, 1855, moved to G430 Lange Lijnbaansteeg in May, 1857, and to Heerenstraat 225 in February, 1858, and to EE246, Heerenstraat 37. The number (8) son, Johann Frederik, was a sailor, ‘matroos aan boord van ZM Fregat “Prins Alexander der Nederlanden”’, and died in Batavia. The number (9) son, Adolf, was also a “stroop brander” like his father, and Adolf’s son, number (9A), Adolf, was a barber. The number (10) son, Jacob was born at home, in the Dirk van Hasseltsteeg in 1833, became a barber, like his nephew, (9A) Adolf, and in 1873, he “verhuisde naar Hoorn” ( shifted to the town of…..) where some of his descendants live to this day. More of these family anecdotes collected by my Aunt will appear in later pages.

This family tree is of course dedicated to my paternal aunt, Brunhilde Horchner (9ACC below), who had the original foresight and energy, and who stimulated my father and myself to follow in her footsteps. This information was given to my father by her when she visited Australia in 1956, and subsequently in 1968, plus her many letters to my parents and my visit to her in Holland in 1974.
Notes:- * means ‘born’; + means ‘died’; nfi means ‘no further information’; early Dutch male/female first name distinction is usually by the use of Latin gender endings eg -a is female; -es, -us, -is, are male endings; -tje is usually the female diminutive; all surnames shown are bolded. “married#2” means a second marriage.
A check in Feb 2004 into Hilde’s original Stamboek showed a number of transcription errors during the 1960-80 transfer of information from Holland to Australia. These have now been corrected. There are still inconsistencies in the Stamboek where a person’s details on different pages are not the same.

NL1 - The Johann Andreas Hörchner (Hahnstaetten) Dutch Family Tree.

Johann Andreas Hörchner *07.02.1768 +04.09.1833 married#1 Hendrica Diderica Aalewijk *? +1806.
1 Johannes Jacob Hörchner *20.03.1803 +30.04.1873 married twice see below.
1bis this “double 1” indicates a later discovery, after Hilde established branches 2-10
Willem Frederik *25.11.1804 nfi

Johann Andreas Hörchner *07.02.1768 +04.09.1833 married#2 03.06.1808 Maatje Jagtenberg *06.02.1786 +23.10.1872
2 Anna Catharina *04.08.1808 nfi
3 Wandert Willem Frederik *13.03.1809 +04.03.1866 see below
4 Johann Andreas *29.10.1811 +12.09.1883 see below
5 Johannes Petrus *09.09.1813 +01.07.1880 see below
6 Gerritje *21.07.1815 +27.06.1842 married Michiel Adriaan Stijger. nfi
7 Maatje *21.06.1817 +10.07.1841 married Johannes Adriaan Prins. nfi
8 Johann Frederik *04.05.1819 +07.10.1863 nfi
9 Adolf *17.02.1821 +20.10.1849 see below
10 Jacob *12.03.1823 +? see below. Stamboek shows 12.03.1833?
11 Karel Frederik *18.03.1824 +14.05.1837 nfi

This Family Tree is continued as five separate branches, each given the name of the son of Johann Andreas; and numbered as above according to the order of their birth.

NL2 - The Johannes Jacob Hörchner Dutch branch no.1

1 Johannes Jacob Hörchner 1803-1873 married#1 31.07.1823 Aletta Adriana Scheerder *1799
1 Johannes Jacob Hörchner 1803-1873 married#2 1849/50? Wilhelmina Koot
1A Johann Andreas *1850 +13.12.1871 nfi
1B Antoon *10.09.1852 +14.02.1914 married thrice – see below
1C Geertruida Agnetha *07.05.1857 +21.04.1868.
1D Johannes Jacob *29.12.1861 +? married 16.08.1888 Johanna Adolfina Wichman, at Huizen, *30.03.1860.See below.
1B Antoon 1852-1914 married#1 Hendrina Theodora Wichman *20.05.1857 nfi
1B Antoon 1852-1914 married#2 Maria van de Steeg *1862 +1904
1BA Johannes Jacob *02.10.1895 +1918 nfi
1BB Antoon *20.12.1897 +1920 nfi
1BC Dirk Everhardus *02.12.1899 +05.1925 nfi
1BD Gerrit *03.04.1901 +08.12.1983 married 29.12.1926 Geertruida Koene *28.03.1903 +16.12.1982 see below
1B Antoon 1852-1914 married#3 1905/6 Neeltje Doevers *10.04.1880 +05.1948
1BE Annie *13.02.1908 married Bertus van der Veen 2 sons in Purmerend
1BF Johannes Antoon *26.03.1909 married Pietje van der Veen daughter in A’dam
1BG Cornelis *07.03.1912 married 01.04.1936 Wilhelmina Brandsen *16.10.1912 below
1BD Gerrit *1901-1983 married 1926 Geertruida Koene *1903-1982.
1BDA Antoon *22.05.1927 +25.08.1945; Zaandam nfi
1BDB Hendrik *20.10.1929 married 12.09.1951 Colette Geertruida Maria Tromp *16.01.1931 see below
1BDC Nelly *20.10.1931 married#1 18.09.1954 P. G. de Ruijter
1BDCA Silvia de Ruijter *11.10.1959 nfi
1BDCB Arnold de Ruijter *02.06.1963 nfi
1BDC Nelly *20.10.1931 married#2 20.08.1970 Nico Schijf nfi
1BDB Hendrik *20.10.1928 married 12.09.1951 Colette Geertruida Maria Tromp *16.01.1931
1BDBA Robert *09.02.1952 married#1 ? 12.1970 Diny Groenendaal
1BDBAA Françoise Colette Jeanne *06.03.1971
1BDBA Robert *09.02.1952 married#2 09.07.1976 Gerarda A.M. Melchers *31.08.1955.
1BDBB Mirdza *29.07.1955
1BG Cornelis *07.03.1912 married 01.04.1936 Wilhelmina Brandsen *16.10.1912
1BGA Antoon *11.08.1936 married 14.06.1968 Gerda de Boer *16.07.1945
1BGAA Bianca Natalie *31.04.1969 Zaandam
1BGAB Raymond * Zaandam
1BGB Johannes Baptist *13.01.1939 married 25.05.1960 - Alida Piets *04.08.1938.
1BGBA Carolina *30.09.1961 Zaandam
1BGBB Robert *07.08.1964 Zaandam
1D Johannes Jacob *29.12.1861 married 16.08.1888 Johanna Adolfine Wichman *30.06.1860
1DA Johannes Jacob *14.03.1889 nfi
1DB Johanna Adolfine *24.06.1891 nfi

NL3 - The Wandert Willem Frederik Hörchner Dutch branch no.3
3 Wandert Willem Frederik *1809 +1866 married#1 01.08.1832 Maria Cornelia Hent *15.10.1810 +?
3A Maria Cornelia Hanna *18.06.1832 +25.02.1892 see below
3B Wandert Willem Frederik *26.08.1835 +? see below
3C Anna Catharina *30.10.1837 +28.10.1842 nfi
3D Jan Abram *10.06.1840 +30.06.1885 married 15.11.1862 Henriette Christina de Ridder *1842 +? nfi
There is no 3E in De Stamboek.
3F Carl *16.10.1842 nfi
Wandert Willem Frederik *1809 +1866 married#2 19.07.1843 Geertrui Agnetha Verhaar *06.08.1821
3G Anna Catharina *04.06.1844 +10.05.1875 nfi
3H Wandert Frederik *11.04.1846 +26.10.1874 see below
3I Cornelis Andreas Gerard *18.10.1848 +26.03.1870 nfi
3J Johann Jacob *12.12.1851 married 01.11.1877 Maria Visser *1853 nfi
3L Geertruida Agnetha *05.03.1853 +28.01.1871 nfi Note: - L and K are
3K Maatje *05.08.1855 +11.05.1885 nfi chronologically reversed in De Stamboek.
3M Catharina Elizabeth *30.10.1857 +12.08.1872 nfi
3N Johann Andreas *07.08.1860 +15.10.1860
3O Johann Andreas *18.05.1862 +11.09.1866

3A Maria Cornelia Hanna *18.06.1832 +25.02.1892 married 12.05.1869 - Johannes Andreas Hörchner *09.11.1834 +05.09.1898 (see 4A below).

3B Wandert Willem Frederik *26.08.1835 +? married#1 17.11.1857/8 - Anna Catharina Frikke *22.09.1829 - +?
3BA Wandert Willem Frederik *10.11.1859 +04.02.1933 married 21.04.1886 see below
3BB Catharina Dorothea *26.01.1861 +? nfi
3BC Catharina Dorothea *29.09.1862 +? nfi
3BD Jan Abram *05.09.1864 +18.01.1871 nfi
3B Wandert Willem Frederik *1835 married#2 06.11.1867 Geesje Maria Galla *27.10.1834 +08.05.?
3BE Johann Friedrich *17.04.1869 +08.05.1869
3BF Geertrui Agnetha *31.12.1870 +03.01.1871
3BG Johann Friedrich *07.12.1871 +12.12.1871
3BA Wandert Willem Frederik 1859-1933 m 1886 Gouda Elizabeth v Schaik *14.01.1860 +02.07.1927
3BAA Wandert Willem Frederik *15.07.1887 +20.08.1887
3BAB Gerrit *15.07.1887 +26.08.1887
3BAC Maria Cornelia Hanna *02.06.1889 +? married 1920 Jan eric Vogelzang *? +1960,nfi
3BAD Catharina Dorothea *13.09.1890 +09.11.1968 married 24.05.1916 Cornelis Woortman *16.12.1890 +09.09.1923 nfi
3BAE Gouda Elizabeth *28.12.1892 +1910-15.
3BAF Dina Filippina *04.12.1894 +12.1967 married 01.08.1917 Lodewijk van Delden *1894 +17.03.1981
3BAG Wandert Willem Frederik *31.12.1896 married 20.03.1919 Johanna Maria Elizabeth Duif *18.09.1902 *09.03.1973 Blaricum
3BAGA Wandert Willem Frederik *08.02.1921 married Maria Tiery *01.05.1915
3BAGAA Maria married R. Oostrom
3BAGAAA Renoldo
3BAH Gerrit Willem Frederik *02.07.1899 married 20.03.1924 Johanna Hendrina Cornelissen *21.07.1899 Charlotte Bourbon Str, A’dam.
3BAHA Gerrit *10.11.1930 married 19.03.1955 children Irma, Erna, Rudolf
3BAHB Hans *20.10.1936 married 10.05.1960 children Brenda, Ellis
3BAHC Robert *12.01.1941 married 12.10.1962 Gerda Marcellis *06.12.1937 children Marcel, Dennis.
3BAI Anna Elizabeth *20.11.1902 +17.10.1919.

3H Wandert Frederik 1846-1874 married 01.08.1872 Alida Antoinette Kuiper *14.02.1849 +29.06.1879
3HA Wandert Willem Frederik *06.10.1872 +30.10.1953 married Lucretia Frederika Henriette Posthumus *29.10.1869 +12.03.1962
3HAA Lucretia Georgette Fredrika Henriette *18.04.1899 +09.02.1984 married Dr. Johannes Jacobus Postuma *08.04.1899
3HAB Antoon Marinus Pieter *21.10.1910 married 14.04.1938 Waltje Radsma 24.12.1912
3HABA Ronald Jan Adolf *02.05.1939 m 21.12.1964 Louise Anthonius Wilhelmina v Zanten *08.06.1939 Zwolle
3HABAA Anthonie Douglas, 3HABAB Denise Louise
3HABB Rurik *04.01.1942 m 19.09.1968 Marion Antoinette de Groot *09.10.1942
3HABBA Marjolein, 3HABBB Linda Jessica
3HABC Wandert Bodo *12.09.1943 m 19.12.1974 Ingrid v Heusden *17.06.1949 Zwolle
3HABCA Daniel, 3HABCB David, 3HABCC Debora, 3HABCD Esther Lydia
3HABD Lucretia Kitty *06.09.1945 m 23.10.1969 Willem Frederik v Wijk *21.03.1945
3HABDA Danielle, 3HABDB Armand
3HABE Onno 09.03.1953 m 23.11.1972 Lilian Ine de Miranda *25.03.1943 Haarlem
3HABEA Joshua, 3HABEB Susanna

3HAC Wandert Willem Frederik *18.02.1902 +03.01.1990 out of sequence; found 1984.

NL4 - The Johann Andreas Hörchner Dutch branch no.4.
4 Johann Andreas *1811 +1883 married#1 27.12.1833 Grietje Jansz Laan *19.02.1811 +09.08.1854
4 Johann Andreas *1811 +1883 married#2 11.03.1863 Willemijntje Wesselink *1818 +?
4A Johann Andreas *09.11.1834 +05.09.1898? see below
4B Marretje *12.1836 +08.02.1837
4C Wandert Willem Frederik *13.03.1838 +before 1849?
4D Maatje *28.07.1841 nfi
4E Margaretha *02.06.1844 nfi
4F Mata *01.05.1848 nfi
4G Wandert Willem Frederik *03.03.1849 nfi
4H Johannes Petrus *22.05.1850 +26.07.1869 not married

4A Johann Andreas *1834 +1898 mar#1 11.07.1860 Christina Leuvenstijn *26.09.1826 +16.12.1868
4AA Dina Christina *21.12.1861 +09.12.1919 mar 18.08.1887 Cornelis Woortman 1864-1907
4AB Grietje *1863 +20.08.1866 nfi
4AC Johannes Andreas *04.09.1864 04.02.1932? see below
4AD Johannes Petrus *23.08.1866 +24.01.1951 see below
4AE died at birth nameless – 12.12.1868
4A Johann Andreas *1834 +1898? married#2 12.05.1869 Maria Cornelia Hanna Hörchner (3A)
4AF Wandert Willem Frederik *12.12.1870 +09.05.1871
4AG Samuel *1872 +? married Gerritje Oostveen *30.09.1872 +03.02.1958 see below
4AH Willem Marinus Frederik *22.01.1871 +26.02.1945 married Margaretha Petronella Salentijn *? +23.03.1928 see below
4AI Grietje *+16.11.1875
4AJ Maria Cornelia Hanna *+16.11.1875
4AK Geertruy Agnetha *11.05.1878 nfi

4AC Johannes Andreas *1864 1932? married 28.12.1890 Johanna Maria Pauel *1864 +24.01.1951?
4ACA Johannes Andreas *15.05.1891 +13.09.1966 married 07.11.1918 Christina Meijers *07.09.1895
4ACAA Johannes Andreas *13.12.1932 married 24.11.1956 Martha Buis *16.07.1931 – Den Helder
4ACAAA Johannes Andreas *04.11.1957
4ACAAB Pieter *05.02.1959
4ACAAC Carolina *06.10.1962
4ACAAD Rudi *27.03.1963

4AD Johannes Petrus *1866 +1951 married 1937? Johanna Brands - Doetichem
4ADA Gerrit Jan Bernard *28.10.1910 married 27.12.1939 Johanna Geertruida van Veelen *24.03.1912 – Stompwijk/Zeist
4ADAA Pieter Jacobus *17.07.1941
4ADAB Gerard Jan *10.09.1942
4ADAC Wilhelmina Johanna *19.06.1946
4ADAD Jacoba Petronella *21.07.1950
4ADAE Johanna Geertruida *02.12.1954
4ADAF Herman Johan *01.10.1959

4AG Samuel 18-02-1872 +02/03-01-1949 married 21-05-1896 Gerritje Oostveen *30.09.1872 +03.02.1958
(daughter of Paulus Oostveen *25.02.1842 married Gerritje v/d Berg *10.07.1842 +02.10.1927)
4AGA Paulus *24.09.1897 +20.07.1978 mar 15.09.1927 Kaatje Klein *11.11.1902 +June 1994.
4AGAA Pieter *21.07.1933 married 22.05.1963 Jacoba Boon *23.04.1938 – Berkenwoude
4AGAAA Paul *23.01.1971 married Mariette Bruinsma
4AGAAB Kees *08.11.1973 married Wietske Arema
4AGAABA Femke Diewke *13.12.2007
4AGAABB Doutzen Nienke *10.09.2010
4AGAAC Wijnand *27.09.1957
4AGAB Samuel *24.10.1935 married 07.06.1962 Elske Roolvink *17.09.1936 +26.03.2006 Kampen
4AGABA Elske Bertine *24.03.1963 married 01.10.1988 John Grin *16.11.1961, Den Helder
(parents 4AGABAA Nathan Jan Grin *09.02.1992
4AGABAB Micha Samuel Grin *25.01.1995
4AGABB Caroline Baukje *20.09.1966 married 17.11.1989 Joannes Fransiscus Huibers
4AGABBA.Dana Annie Elske Huibers *30.09.1998
4AGABBB.Loes Fransisca Baukje Huibers *25.07.2000
4AGABC Samuel Paulus *25.10.1967 married 17.02.1994 Hillegonda Lagerwey.
4AGABCA Frederieke Maria Hörchner *09.11.1997
4AGABCB Madelief Elske Maria Hörchner *09.07.2000
4AGAC Paulus *02.10.1938 married 01.05.1965 Jacoba Wilhelmina Maan *25.04.1941
4AGACA Marleen *24.09.1969
4AGACB Rogier *12.07.1974 married 02.05.2000 Yvette van Groenendaal *05.06.1975
4AGACBA Michiel Paulus Johannes *16.04.2002
4AGACBB Joris Jacobus Maria *05.09.2003
4AGACBC Pieter Gerardus Merijn *04.05.2005
4AGACC Carl *20.07.1976 married 19.12.2009 Ingrid Molenaar *24.11.1977
4AGACCA Isa Hörchner *17.04.2011
4AGACCB Joep Hörchner *04.07.2012
4AGAD Gerard *21.04.1940 married 26/27-06-1969 Susanne Jacoba van de Berg *
4AGADA Ymkje *09.03.1977
4AGADBD Noor *30.04.1980
4AGADBC Andries *01.01.1983
4AGB Samuel *21.07.1908 married Grietje de Wilde nfi (note 4AGB & 4AGD are reversed)
4AGC Gerritje *21.10.1904 married 07.11.1929 Albert Zondervan *03.03.1903
4AGD Maria Cornelia Hanna *28.09.1899 +15-06-1986 married 30.09.1926 Watze de Vries *08.05.1895 +10.10.1980
4AGDA Rosina *24.09.1927 +13.12.2001 married Andreas Flach *13.02.1926 +28.09.2001
4AGDB Samuel
4AGDA Jaap
4AGDA Watze *16.12.1937

4AH Willem Marinus Frederik *1871 +1945 married Margaretha Petronella Salentijn *?-1928
4AHA Willem Marinus Frederik *18.09.1900 *30.09.1976 married 12.09.1928 Helena Johanna Christina Meurs *04.07.1894 nfi
4AHB Evert *27.07.1912 nfi

NL5 - The Johannes Petrus Hörchner Dutch branch no.5

5 Johannes Petrus *1813 +1880 married#1 04.11.1835 Alida van Raay *1812 +1849?
(daughter of Brand van Raay married Geertruy Scheerder
5A Petrus Johannes *11.11.1836 +15.04.1838
5B Maatje 29.03.1839 +1839?
5C Maatje 12.07.1840 +04.09.1840
5D Geertruida 30.04.1841 married 23.04.1873 Evert Antonius Braams nfi
5E Johann Petrus *12.08.1843 +03.1934 married twice see below
5F Mata *05.08.1845 +? nfi
5G Johann Andreas *30.10.1846 +? nfi
5H Martha 27.02.1849 +? nfi
5 Johannes Petrus *1813 +1880 married#2 29.01.1851 Adriana de Fries *24.08.1813 +19.01.1868
5I Johannes Adrianus *10.05.1851 +08.07.1852
5J Johannes Andreas *12.05.1852 +08 07 1852?
5K Johannes Andreas *27.03.1856 +26.05.1856
5 Johannes Petrus *1813 +1880 married#3 11.11.1874 Geertruida Fox *08.02.1830 nfi

5E Johann Petrus *1843-1934 married#1 02.11.1871 Wilhelmina Susanna Brand *05.01.1843 +10.08.1898
5EA Alida *27.08.1872 +29.01.1942 married Antonie Lucas Kroes nfi
5EB Johannes *28.12.1874 +1935 married 30.05.1902 Bartha Hendrina Nusteeg see below
5EC Johannes Petrus Willem *10.06.1877 +24.07.1877 nfi
5ED Maria Elizabeth.*23.04.1879 +14.04.1976 married WJL Verhoeven nfi
5EE Johannes Petrus *19.10.1881 +22.10.1881
5EF Johanna Petronella ?Christina *05.02.1883 married 08.04.1909 Burggraaf nfi
5EG Johannes Petrus *15.07.1886 married 02.05.1916 Johanna Marks see below
5E Johann Petrus *1843-1934 married#2 02.07.1901 Jacoba de Bruin nfi
5EB Johannes 1874-1935 married 30.05.1902 Bartha Hendrica Nusteeg
5EBA Johannes Petrus *10.08.1902 +21.10.1976-not married
5EBB Johanna Geertruida *09.04.1905 married Dr. Bakker nfi
5EBC Teunus Pieter *12.02.1907 married Catharina Wilhelmina Veer nfi
5EBD Wilhelmina Susanna 20.07.1908-not married
5EBE Johannes *29.04.1913 married 27.06.1940 Cornelia Net *25.03.1913
5EBEA Catharina Wilhelmina *1942
5EBEB Johannes Bartho. Hendrik *30.12.1945
5EG Johannes Petrus *1886 married 1916 Johanna Marks.
5EGA Johannes Petrus *13.07.1917 married 28.04.1959 H Moll-Rotterdam nfi

NL6 - The Adolf Hörchner Dutch branch no.9

9 Adolf *1821 +1849 married 09.06.1847 Hendrina Regina Maria Daame *15.02. 1825
( Hendrina Daame-Horchner *1825 remarried 28 08.1850 Hendricus Mattheus Muller
Maria Jacoba Muller *20.06.1855 nfi
Cornelis Muller *01.08.1857 +09.01.1858
Petra Maria Muller *01.08.1857 +04.08.1862
Anna Christina Muller *01.12.1858 nfi
Leentje Muller *18.09.1859 nfi
Cornelis Muller *07.09.1861 nfi)

9A Adolf *11.12.1848 +14.01.1893 married 07.08.1867 Anna Maria van der Linden *02.01.1841 +25.02.1920
9AA(1) Adolf *+1868
9AA(2) Adolf *1869 +24.09.1902 married Maria Johanna v. Nifterick see below-Marnixstraat
9AB Hendrina Regina *1871 married 15.12.1887 - Hermanus Koot *19.08.1869 +28.08.1915nfi
9AC Hendricus Mattheus *21.11.1873 +27.07.1931 see below-Westerstraat 126
9AD Johannes Marinus *08.01.1876 +14.11.1957 see below-Anjelierstraat
9AE Cornelis *04.06.1878 +07.02.1960 see below-Boomstraat
9AF Jacob *14.11.1881 nfi
9AA(2) Adolf 1869-1902 married Maria Johanna v. Nifterick
9AAA Anna Maria *05.02.1894
9AAB Willem *1896 +1898
9AAC Therisia *1897 +1898
9AAD Adolf *04.07.1899 married 07.04.1927 Jacoba Anna Kooi *29.09.1901
9AADA Francisca *05.01.1934
9AADB Erna *20.12.1936
9AADC Hugo *09.04.1942
9AADCA Remco*04.03.1970
9AADCB Mauro Carlein *23.08.1971

9AC Hendricus Mattheus 1873-1931 married 10.12.1896 Gezina Johanna Petronella van der Linden *16.06.1875 +20.05.1955-Oma Hörchner.
9ACA Hendricus Mattheus *21.08.1897 +25.03.1960 married 08.09.1945 Leni de Klerk *18.02.1910
Oom Henk en Tante Leni-no children
9ACB Johanna Gezina Petronella *08.04.1899 +04.10.1901 nfi
9ACC Brünhilda *06.01.1901 married#1 KA Wünsche *13.03.1905
married #2 EEJ Kaufmann *11.07.1894 +12.10.1979
Tante Hil en Oom Eddy-no children
9ACD Gerardus Johannes *13.12.1902 +31.08.1923 “Gerard” not married
9ACE Anna Maria *23.06.1905 +?married Kees Völmer *26.02.1901 +06.1980 see below
Tante Rie en Oom Kees
9ACF Wilhelmus Johannes *10.02.1907 +10.12.1983 married 19.09.1929 Johanna Maria Kuitert *30.03.1904 +31.12.1984 “Wim en Jo”, Vader en Moeder see below
9ACG Johannes Marinus *18.12.1908 +12.12.1983 married 11.10.1932 Annie v.Lubek *11.10.1907 +2003 “Oom Joop en Tante Annie” see below
9ACH Elizabeth Maria *06.06.1910 +08.10.1938 married 1933 Andreas Onink 01.06.1904 +12.08.1971 nfi

9ACE Anna Maria 1905-? married Kees Völmer 1901-1980
9ACEA Frieda Völmer married ??
9ACF Wilhelmus Johannes *1907 +1983 married 1929 Johanna Maria Kuitert 1904-1984
9ACFA Hendrikus *04.05.1933 married Rosemary Jane Miller *11.04.1931
9ACFAA David Hendrikus *30.03.1960 married 05.08.1995 Jannine Arbitis *
9ACFAAA Whitney
9ACFAB Linda Johanna *10.01.1962 married#1 27.02.1980 Frank Egyed
9ACFABA Nikki Rose Egyed*19.04.1982
9ACFABB Sam Egyed *24.12.1984
9ACFAB Linda Johanna *10.01.1962 married#2 06.08.1994 Michael Bradby
9ACFABC Jack William Bradby *12.06.1996
9ACFAC Andrew Michael *09.03.1965
9ACFAD Karen Dorothy *10.02.1967 married 06.1990 Mark Casey
9ACFADA Brenton William Casey *
9ACFADB Mitchell Mark Casey *29.03.1995

9ACFB Willem Johannes *12.01.1936 married 06.04.1963 Janette Ann Clough *06.01.1941
9ACFBA Peter McGregor *09.03.1965 married 07.05.1994 Catherine Dawn Hall *06.10.1966
9ACFBAA Kate Jessie *26.10.1998
9ACFBB Simon Russell married Helke Storey
9ACFBBA Louise Jan *24.07.2002
9ACFBC Jane Elizabeth *05.08.1968 married 12.09.1998 David Lesley Blakey *14.02.1964
9ACFBCA Daniel Ray Blakey *19.03.2000
9ACFBCB Mark William Blakey *19.03.2000
9ACFBD Dinah Margaret *09.04.1970 married Austin

9ACFC Jannes *02.03.1939 married 13.01.1962 Marjorie Ann Wildman *06.09.1934
9ACFCA Jenny Maria *29.11.1962 married#1 Darryl Andrew Caird *03.09.1962
9ACFCAA Sonja Marie Caird *30.07.1982
9ACFCAB Christine Nicole Caird *03.09.1984
9ACFCA Jenny Maria *29.11.1962 married#2 22.02.1992 John Wilson *20.11.1935
9ACFCB Robin Ann *08.09.1964 married 24.11.1990 Manaini Bai *12.02.1962
9ACFCBA Luke Malakai Jannes Bai *07.09.1992
9ACFCBB Maikali Orisi Bai *31.10.1997
9ACFCBC Vanesa Talei Bai *19.06.1999
9ACFCC Graham John *26.09 1965 married 04.12.1993 Theresa Jane Heads *31.08.1965
9ACFCCA Siobhan Simone *29.02.1996
9ACFCCB Francesca Kate *06.02.1999
9ACFCD Ian Alexander *04.01.1969 married 05.04.1997 Leanne White *25.02.1973

9ACFCDA Charli Siena *15.03.2005
9ACFCDB Indiana Aston *06.07.2007

9ACG Johannes Marinus 1908-1983 married 1932 Annie Lubek 1907-2003
9ACGA Annie Gezina *11.02.1934 married 10.04.1956 Johan Reinold *04.09.1930

9ACGB Johanna Marina *28.01.1939 married 15.11.1960 Jan Reinold *20.10.1936

9ACGC Robert Gerardus *11.06.1946 married 11.07.1969 Hanny Huisman *11.09.1948
9ACGCA Bas Jurriaan *26.02.1971 married 07.05.1999 Patricia Hazemeijer *17.07.1972/4?
9ACGCAA Marcus Jaromir *26.05.2000
9ACGCB Christa Dorien *04.12.1973 married Michiel Nijrolder *06.09.1973
9ACGCC Martine Susanne *08.09.1979 married Armando de Boer *08.05.1972

9AD Johannes Marinus 1876-1957 married 28.07.1898 Elizabeth Koot *22.09.1875 +24.01.1943
9ADA Elizabeth *19.11.1899 +06.06.1982 married Frans Hensbergen *21.11.1899 +22.11.1976
Vingboomstraat 91, Hilversum-nfi
9ADB Johannes Marinus *18.11.1901 +04.03.1966 married H. C. Koorn nfi
9ADC Theodorus *15.08.1903 married E. v. Ommen *06.05.1907-Viermasterstraat 67
9ADCA Theodorus *21.12.1935-Bonairestraat 13 II nfi
9ADD Jacob *22.03.1905 married 07.06.1928 Hillegonda de Lok *14.04.1904
9ADDA Jacob *11.08.1933 married Lyda van Lee *08.04.1933
9ADDAA Jacob Marten *01.01.1960 nfi

9AE Cornelis 1879-1960 married 1901 Wilhelmina Catharina Folkers 1883-1975
9AEA Christina *14.08.1902 married Wagenaar *14.08.1902 +1945
9AEB Anna Maria *08.08.1903 married Bierenbroodspot * +12.1969
9AEC Cornelis *19.05.1906 married Johansen
9AED Jan *07.11.1910 married Johansen
9AEE Hendricus Mattheus *08.06.1914 not married
9AEF Wilhelmina Christina *28.11.1920 married WC Soest

NL7 - The Jacob Hörchner Dutch branch no.10

10 Jacob *1833 married 01.09.1852 Geertje Christina Kelly *20.02.1826 +22.06.1891 kapper op het Damrak; dit gezin verhuisde 23.04.1873 naar Hoorn
10A Jacob *23.10.1852 +19.11.1853
10B Jacob *01.05.1855 +25.06.1925 married 28.16.1886 Anna Maria Thomhagen *08.10.1856
10C Maatje *24.06.1857 married Langbein nfi
10D Cornelia Wilhelmina ?Christina *08.05.1861 married Schuithest nfi
10E Jan Willem *09.02.1864 +24.05.1875 nfi
10F Geertje Christina *23.02.1867 married Meijer nfi

10B Jacob 1855-1925 married Anna Maria Thomhagen 1856-?
10BA Jacob *18.04.1888 married#1 Lena Rensink nfi
10BA Jacob *18.04.1888 married#2 Gwen (Canada) nfi
10BB Joachim Andreas *18.06.1889 +13.03.1979 married 01.03.1913 Alouise Dorothea Kuijp *04.01.1887 +26.03.1973. They travelled Holland-Indonesia-Australia 1951.
10BBA Johann Andreas *01.10.1914 +39.06.1977 married 15.08.1941 Jacoba Nieuwenhuizen *28.01.1916 +Soerabaja.
10BBAA Ronald Gerrit Andre Eugene *07.07.1942 Batavia married 03.10.1974 Brisbane-Biloela Joy Margaret Ritchie *15.05.1948
10BBAAA Michael Andre *12.05.1976
10BBAAB Gerrit Jon Keith *19.07.1978
10BBAAC Nicholas William *11.10.1979
10BBAAD Christopher Stephen *20.10.1981
10BBAAE Cameron Paul *10.02.1984
10BBAAF Stewart Matthew *05.11.1985
10BBAAG Christina Marie *14.08.1990
10BBAB Joyce Dorothea Nelly Estelle *10.11.1946 Den Haag married 08.04.1967 New Zealand Graham John Clayton *27.06.1944 Nukuhou, NZ – 4 children
10BBABA Lisa, married 2 children
10BBABB Stephen
10BBABC Toni, married 1 son
10BBABD Vicki, married 2 children
10BBAC Grace Edith Alouise *31.01.1950 ? married 22.06.1968 Wynnum Dennis Pitt.
10BBAD Joan Margaret Irene *28.09.1951 Brisbane married David Woodcock.
10BBB Thea Josephien *09.07.1916 married 09.11.1938 Johan Carel von Stein *16.05.1910 +01.12.1972
10BBC Jan Jacob *12.03.1921 married 22.01.194? Glorie Gordon Stuart; Melbourne
10BBCA Jeane *28.04.1950
10BBCB Theo *21.04.1953
10BBD Theo Marinus *04.09.1918 +11.11.1941 in krijgsgevangenschap; married 1941.
10BC Geertje Christina *+1892
10BD August Ernst *27.09.1894 +21.11.1971 married 03.08.1927 Maria Martinette Cornelia Buderman *27.10.1893 +02.04.1967
10BDA Anna Maria Helena *15.07.1928 married 13.04.1960 Frederik Willem Reijmers *22.12.1927 +16.02.1979
10BDB Wilhelmus August *13.09.1929 married 02.09.1957 Henny Lem *08.12.1936
10BDBA Rogier *18.08.1961
10BDBB Erwin *23.03.1964
10BDC Helena Maria *16.03.1933 married 05.06.1958 Louis van Vuuren
10BDD Jacobus Andreas *25.10.1936 nfi

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